[PSA] Bibliography

Okay, Iago asked after some sources on the recent pages, for interested readers to run down and I figured at the very least I could do a few things very quickly. I added a tiny bit of bibliography to the Sefer Yetzirah page (a kiss and a promise, nothing more, but hopefully useful in the sense of pointing at interesting materials) and a full bibliography page for the geomancy section of the site.

The geomancy bibliography…I really hesitated on it. I am a little embarrassed by it. A lot of that reading comes from a place of distrust and while I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading and thinking hard about the history of anything, it’s really something quite else to just sit down and work geomancy. It isn’t even a complete record of the time I spent running through the archives!


Still, it may serve an interested reader and it does reflect something of my personal trajectory, so let this be in the spirit of honesty, even if somewhat uncomfortable honesty.

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