[NB] Fallen Stars

I’ve had them on my mind most of the week, since completing the geomancy page on the relationship to the tree of life diagrams, because I had to gesture to them there. I knew there was more to discuss, but I didn’t quite have the conceptual apparatus hooked up to the experiential apparatus, so I put it on the back burner. I can’t recommend that enough, really. Once you have taken some time to elaborate an important bit of work, step back and let the release of it open up the next step in the work to be discussed.

I have had the back of the head nudges all week, Aquarius, Gemini, suggesting to me that I was going to need to look at those channels, look at the twinning that composes thoses signs, and start to reflect on how that plays out on the generation of Puella and Puer from the fallen fragments of the Draconises.

(Which, of course, has nothing to do with the pact described in the apocalyptic material about the pact between the two fallen angels and a certain woman. Nothing whatsoever.)

Anyway, last night something was brewing. The sphere-ness of the stars against the dome of the sky was intensely present, the arcs joining the constellations into slow parades almost visible. Then the dream tutors decided it was time to kick it up a notch and started pointing me toward the Capricornian channel that joins Hod and Yesod, so this morning I went and pulled up Blogos’s map of the tree.

Ah, yes, I had lazily fallen back into my old habits of thinking that Malkuth connected to Yesod only, when the Saadia model Blogos proposes joins Malkuth to Hod and Netzach, too. When I look to those channels, what do I see? Why, yes, right, there are my good friends Gemini and Aquarius who had been nudging at me all week.

The fallen stars find their level in channels that form an alternative to the lunar passage, not in their connection to Yesod. That’s a big deal and helps make sense of a few wiggly parts that had been giving me trouble in my thinking about the spirits attached to them.

Capricorn is the diagonal channel directly above Aquarius, the channel proper to Hod and Yesod. Realizing that, the whole panoply channels falls into place visually, stringing together a parallel system to the interconnections that animate the pillars, and I get pretty quickly the point: the work with the fallen stars plays across the chords of diagonals, the spirits that gather within there play up and down the heavens.

So, next up, spending some time with the account of the diagonal channels. Then, as they say, Lucy is going to have some ‘splainin to do.

5 thoughts on “[NB] Fallen Stars

  1. Pisces is on the path from Netzach – Malkuth not Gemini just in case you misread it. This completes the layout of the Zodiac man in the aura.

    I have some small problems with my own arrangement of the Zodiac signs vs the Gra’s arrangement. The Gra interlaces the signs in a zig zag motion down the tree whereas mine are divided by going directly across then directly down, then directly back across then directly back down again.


    If you look at the symmetry of the Yod in the leftside part of the Tree in the diagrams you can see the Yod moving position as it moves down but its always in the uppermost position on the letter – at the top of the Vav, then the Zayin then the Yod alone, then at the top of the Lamed, the Ayin and the Tzaddi.

    The right hand side has all the letters below Heh, where you should be able to see the symmetry to Chet, Tet, Nun, etc being a kind of Kaf shape rotated at 90 or a 180 degrees.

    The basis for this arrangement as explained by the spirit of Saadia (prob. Raziel) is that the ”Yod” letters on the rightside are all the *severe ones* – nail, sword, fist, whip, eye, hook and the ”Heh” letters are all ”the merciful” (or rather ”defensive”) – window, fence, snake, fish, prop, back of the head. This was explained to me as a sword which had two different sides, one extremely sharp for the offense and one serrated to catch, parry and disarm other blades for the defense. The sword being the metaphor for Reason.

    The Etz Ha Shaarei (Tree of Gates) which I recieved at the same time as the Etz Ha Saadia (the blade) was said to be more like a flail with 22 individual lines which each ended in a sharpened letter and should be whirled to create the 231 gates. The weapons were supposed to be used in tandem.


    This is a short flash movie that I used to show the study-journey. As you can see the double letters of the right and left hand sides have symmetry the daleth and the resh being obvious and the gimel with the yod atop followed by that same yod being enveloped in the peh*. The central path of Beit to Kaph is also obvious and Tav brings everything together at the bottom.

    Anyway this was the argument against the interlacing of the Gra which obfuscates the symmetry but also creates a more balanced blade. For me the clincher will come when I work out exactly the relationship of the positions to the basic genetic rhythms, organelles and cellular principles (blood, cytoplasm, DNA).

    *For instance the Gimel and the Peh relate to endosomes and the golgi apparatus, this process of enveloping, transporting and releasing various cargo being show by the yods relationship to its structure. But we are looking at least a year before I am ready for this one.

    1. Io

      Thanks for this–it’s great to have this in mind as I get started in thinking about what is going on in the diagonal channels in a specific sense. Also, this:

      “The basis for this arrangement as explained by the spirit of Saadia”

      Yes, “the spirit of…” languages here seems to be one of the things that is important to get at, too. That the work of a specific Tree of Life diagram’s assignments and its assignments is in part shaped by the spirits with whom the worker is working, more importantly that we have affinities for specific arrangements relating to the spiritual forces that animate it and us.

      I don’t want to go too far down that road too quickly, because that can easily lead us into lazy assertions of ‘any diagram works,’ but it seems like much of the ‘next level’ work for any individual is about finding their way to those beings they can identify as the ‘spirits of their work.’ (Which, delightfully, are spirits that we sometimes share with others!)

  2. Io

    Bless you both–I totally got it wrong! Thanks for jumping on that.

    It is a bit of a case of intuitive message-receiving brain racing ahead of my thinking-processing brain. I do that a fair amount, though I usually give myself enough pause before posting to let my thinking brain catch up and fix the (worst) mistakes.

    It’s funny, right, because the signal is correct, but the too-quick collapsing of the signal onto the rational model isn’t. The point that is gettign made by the intuitive nudges is one about the twinning processes in Pisces and the relationship to the what is going on in the two harmonies of Aquarius and Capricorn (the monstrous creations of Zodiac that emerge in the pact between the fallen dragons and Zuhra).

    What is it Ibn Al-Arabi says? Our dreams are always true, but our interpretations aren’t? Yes.

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