[NB] His Dark Liquids

I came across this article about a new theory regarding the nature of dark matter. I recommend giving it a read, in part because I think it is good for all of us non-physics types to appreciate how much of the ‘basic’ cosmology we were taught as fact is still under debate. Even things that many of us comfortably treat as real (like black holes) might be artifacts of a mathematical model and the phenomena they explain might be better explained by another model; we just haven’t got all the data in to settle the issues.

So, while I want to talk about the dark fluid model here because I think it might prove a useful way to think about what goes on in magical work, I also want to make clear that I’m not claiming that magic exploits quantum physics or anything like that (talk about the data not being in!), just that this pattern described in quantum physics might also be useful in conceptualizing magical work. Maybe that philosophical distinction doesn’t mean much to a lot of people, but I think it matters.

Let me start with a long quote from the article that describes how dark matter might exist as a superfluid, neither a particle nor an atom as we conceive of them within our ‘baryonic’ environment.

“Bose-Einstein condensates are best understood as a mixture of two components: one that is superfluid and one that isn’t. The two components behave very differently. The superfluid one exhibits long-range quantum effects, no viscosity, and unexpected correlations over large distance scales; it is as if it was made of much larger particles than its actual tiny constituents. The other normal component behaves like the fluids we are used to; it sticks to containers and to itself – it has a viscosity. The ratio between the two components depends on the condensate’s temperature: the higher the temperature, the more dominant the normal component.

We are used to thinking that quantum physics dominates only the microscopic realm. But the more physicists have learned about quantum theory, the more it has become clear that this isn’t so. Bose-Einstein condensates are one of the best-studied substances that allow quantum effects to spread widely through a medium. In theory, quantum behaviour can span arbitrarily large distances, provided it isn’t disturbed too much.

In a warm and noisy environment such as Earth, fragile quantum effects are quickly destroyed. That is why we don’t normally observe the stranger aspects of quantum physics, such as the ability of particles to behave like waves. But initiate quantum behaviour in a cool, quiet place and it will last. A cool, quiet place like, for example, outer space. There, quantum effects might stretch across vast distances.”

Now, think about magical work. I am starting to work out a longer discussion about the nature of central pillar work, rather than left and right hand work, and one of the things that I am struck by is the importance of developing a strong connection to the solar, to a way of engaging with the subtle plane using vibrational, visceral, techniques that generate resonance.

What happens when we don’t do this? Well, we plunge noisy elements into this vibrational plane, cooling and fracturing it into a raucus tangle of spirits, images, fantasies, etc. We plunge ourselves into the world of hungry ghosts, increasingly more muted repetitions of past pleasures, and thoughtless exaggerations of our own expectations.

In other words, it is all well and good to talk about collapsing the wave form in a magical working, but you also need to ask yourself how you are liberating the wave form, how you are re-enlivening your connection to the wave form from which the work derives.

Which is why I take genuine praise to be a powerful part of any spiritual practice, but that praise must synchronize itself with the inchoate vibrations of creation, not drive them into rigid forms. It must loosen rather than entangle. It must separate itself from a lust for results and foreknowledge and plunge into playing with these forces, continuing and riffing of them, occasionally stumbling in and out of missteps that collapse the rhythm back into rigid forms.

Which I think also bears on something Andrew suggested in a comment to my last post:

“In teaching, one of my favorite colleagues used to say that there’s the content, there’s the student, and there’s the teacher. And the student is often focused on the student-teacher relationship, because the teacher has a relationship with the content; but the teacher’s job is to help the student develop his/her own relationship with the content.”

There is definitely a way to engage with this material in a way that is about getting more people to engage with the substance, the vibration,  on their own terms but there is a also a way of engaging with this material that encourages people to fall into the stuck, jammed up, broken  world.

One thought on “[NB] His Dark Liquids

  1. During the time phone experiments at Kelley’s Tower I received information regarding galactic formation (although the questions were about safe free energy) which informed me that what actually happens is the reverse of the current understanding. Rather than clouds of intergalactic gas collapsing under gravity into galaxies, galaxies first emerge from black hole like bodies which are created in the deep void and which are charged with ”matter” i.e. time – by spinning or winding them up.

    As you say above, in the void, and away from any potential collapse the waveform can propagate. The vacuum is a dynamic interplay between matter and anti-matter with the two of them boiling in and out of existence continuously. Yet we should think of anti-particles as particles going backwards in time, this is why the charge is reversed – therefore at any given point in the void we have the union of time and anti-time. Throughout the eternities of the super voids there are moments when the equation does not balance and there is time left over, (or anti-time but that would be in the reverse universe – the ”reversiverse” – although it is not that this is a clone of our time-space continuum going backwards I fear it is more complicated than that) this time, which is matter builds up gradually and eventually crystallises into these seed pearls of galaxies which then unfold and spin, releasing the ”stored time” as matter.

    One other way I was given to understand it is that eventually the galaxies precipitate out on the ”crease” between two voids. What we think of as a galactic filament should be more correctly thought of as a crease in the void. The crease arises as a result of the aforementioned precipitation of time and ends up separating (very finely) one void into two. When we look at the larger structure of the universe we should be looking at the voids as the cells, and the galaxies/filaments as signifiers of the membranes. I was working with Raziel last night on the concept of daughter cells as it applies to cellular consciousness and its going to take me a few days to decompress but it seems to me we can think of the process described above as ”a mitosis of the void”. Galaxies form in the ”cleavage furrow” like dewdrops on a spiderweb in their enfolded state.

    You make a good point about deviating from the middle pillar and collapsing the wave form into information and spirits. I understand this polarity from the point of view of the Depth of Up (spirits) and Down (info), but I am still working on the concepts of replication and deviation that would be associated with the Depth of South (replication/similarity) and North (deviation/difference) and this work on ”mitosis” seems to relate to Good and Evil.

    Anyways, good stuff, thank you!

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