[PSA] Changes

This is just an fyi. I am in the process of updating this site in order to explore some new ways of talking about all of this material I care so dearly about. I have created a static front page, with the blog now one step away from that with a simple click of a link in the toolbar.

I am planning to build out some more pages where I can develop some of the observations and discussions that I have had here into more useful and immediately accessible summaries. I have just the outlines of what I want to do at present, so it may take some time for some of the bigger chunks of this to come online, but I want to make the commitment to change now.

I am still going to be blogging away, but as the year unfolds I want to provide visitors with more than the short, networked observations I have to date and I would like to challenge myself to do something more expansive.

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