[NB] Being Time

Sometimes Tumblr does a nice job of churning up just the right set of quotes to start me thinking toward a topic. I want to sit these two quotes together here so that I come back to them more easily than digging back through Tumblr history. So, this is another notebook in the noting something down sense.

The first is from a piece of fiction:

“We are not people passing this way, he thought. We are primal elements linking one piece of Time to another.”—God Emperor of Dune, Frank Herbert

It seems like somewhere in this sort of observation is an important link that would allow us to put Kabbalism and Neoplatonism in meaningful dialogue. The way in which the stations of the tree of life are forms of time and the way in which Neoplatonists like Plotinus understand the birth of the soul into life as the generation of time…food for thought.

The second is from a bit of spiritualist dialogue:

“Man is a gateway, through which from the outer world of gods, daemons, and souls ye pass into the inner world; out of the greater into the smaller world.”—Seven Sermons to the Dead, Carl Gustav Jung

To be born out of one world and into another, to stand with your back to one and your face to another…the question about modes of time seems useful here, too. I quite like the way in which this reverses the problem set forth by Plotinus. Whereas Plotinus sees the soul as having fallen from unity into time, this positions time as an opportunity to discover a world which is beyond the reach of eternity, or is an eternity on the opposite side of time from the original eternity from which we fall.

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