[NB] Moon, Venus, Stars

This will be a very short post, because I don’t have much more to add besides observing the close complicity between these spiritual beings. I can’t tell you how often these potencies crisscross my workings, and how often their complicity defines those workings. It isn’t quite astrological in the sense that I usually understand it being used, but their relationship seems to run a lot of the gates and doors between the visible and invisible.

And, sheesh, the new moon, it’s like Venus and the stars run around like stagehands across the stage, preparing the action which the Moon’s force will dominate. That’s the funny thing for me—what many people seem to associate with Mercury seems to manifest more often for me under Venus’s offices.

I sometimes wonder if that, more than anything else, animates my affinity for the Mesoamerican and Sumerian material; those were peoples who appreciated Venus!

Happy Halloween, folks.

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