[NB] Shadow Ancestors

This article on the shadow biosphere came across my reader in timely parallel to some spirit work. While the idea of a shadow biosphere is speculative, I am surely not the only person who read this and thought about the Luria’s already-present klippoth, the ones that spoiled the natural progression of creation.

Setting aside whether or not there is a shadow biosphere (the jury will likely be out on that one for a while yet), the idea of one makes it easier to think through the nature of certain forms of klippothic interference. If the sefirot represent the operations of a specific sort of intelligence, what happens when those operations become entangled with the operation of a different, but no less specific, form of intelligence?

An intelligence as a consciousness is a dynamic form of patterning and those intelligences are different forms of patterning. However, they have in common an anchorage in material existence, an anchorage in that which the pattern manifests and to which its pattern responds. If the thinking of the intelligence can’t be divorced from the substance with which it thinks, then when these intelligences encounter each other, they are going to respond to each other as strange forms of interference, i.e., as particularly recalcitrant and pattern-resistant elements.

In other words, they are going to encounter each other as reality.  The efforts they take to reassert themselves over that reality will be experienced as forced thinking by the other intelligence, because the substance with which they think will have changed. Over time, they are going to thereby acquire a sort of twinning by way of infection, the sort of twinning that experiences the twin as a sort of bizarro-world clone of itself. This sort of twinning would also result in a ‘jagged’ reality, one that would not be easily absorbed by either species of intelligence.

There is no especial reason to assume a simple dyadic encounter, either. It is simply that a dyad is a lot easier to model than a triad or pentad or milleniad. As time goes on, even the encounter between a simple pair of conscious species could result in a complicated web of intelligences, some of whom would be intertwined with each other in a way not so dissimilar from the way early simple prokaryotic cells intertwined with each other to become complex eukaryotic cells.

The nourishing of our human ancestors ties us to a network of intelligences that operate in sympathy with both our organism. However, if the world is a full of complex intelligences as a I imagine it might be, our existence both in terms of causal (into the past) and contemporary (networked, in relation with a present) is also dependent upon a number of intelligences that constitute our life and environs as ancestral intelligences, but are not ‘ancestral’ in the most mundane sense of the term (our human forebears).

Which would suggest that deep spiritual ties to a place are bound up with the entanglement of all of these intelligences with each other. It would also suggest that there is no easy road to belong to a place, no way to capture what a people who have lived within a place and its intelligences have developed, except to undergo a similar process of becoming local to a place. And if the place is undergoing rapid transformation, if the intelligences that animate it are being replaced or transformed…



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