“Experience, which destroys innocence, also leads one back to it.”—James Baldwin, No Name in the Street

Placing the distortions I have traced out within the broader Gnostic framework of the Fall, of the separation of self-knowledge from divine knowledge, allows for a better account of what their correction entails. The model of distortion is also a model for how to move toward clarification. Clarification requires appreciating that correction is a moving target, that the world of time does not cease within our lifetime.

Understanding this becomes part of the process of clarification. If you want to reach your goal and the goal is moving, you need to know it is moving.

I have spent some time reviewing my spiritual work, most especially the geomantic divinations done to structure, mark, and record it. To my pleasure, much of it makes more sense with my corrected assignments. I can also see in the trail of the work a process that is clearly operating to rectify the some of the geomantic distortions.

Looking at the only stellar channels with geomantic assignments, it becomes clear that those figures are also the keys toward healing the fractured channel of Saturn toward Keter and reactivating the channel of Mars that joins Binah and Gevurah. Working with the well-ordered Tree diagram, that makes clear that the first challenge lies in negotiating the channel of the Moon in order to access the potencies of Yesod, which open to both of those stellar channels.

The question arises, then, of how the channels of Mars and Saturn are to be set right. They derive from the charges found in the stellar channels from Yesod, but the logic of assignment will likely change, because they are being corrected. What charges join Da’ath and Keter? What charges join Binah and Gevurah? The charges under discussion are Puella, Puer, and the two Draconises.

The channel of Mars was evacuated on the basis of usurpation or abandonment, the effort to exert will separately from the Highest, so its reclamation will entail the opposite, a movement toward submission to and engagement with the Highest. Both Puer and Puella tend to be figures of influence, which suggests that neither would likely provide the channel with the proper charges to reopen.

That leaves us with the two Draconises, figures which tend to speak of sudden shifts, rapid uplifts and equally rapid declines. This is the Providence of Boethius’s The Consolation of Philosophy, and in submitting to the inescapable dimensions of providence, we release the egoism that begins with the Fall. Providence, too, fits well on the Pillar of Severity, as one of the expressions of Binah’s wisdom.

That leaves Puer and Puella to restore communication with Keter by way of Da’ath. To say that makes a lot of sense is an understatement. They are both figures of expression, the speech and writing (the performances of all sorts, i.e. ritual) that we bequeath to the future. They also place the individual before the Highest in a peculiarly personal fashion and in them we can see the hint of the highest prophetic voices. On the smaller scale that we live, though, it is the source of magical potency, the connection that gives force to our working.

I am talking a bit abstractly, but in large part that is because the work of undertaking that rectification is personal, dependent on the details of a life. There is a specific way that each of us abandons our connection to the divine and encounters the concrete reality of our mortality. The situations that make those possible are also the situations through which we are able to reconnect and struggle toward recuperating what is lost. Ideally, the magical rituals we undertake are those that aid us in this work, aid us in finding our eternal roots even as we most often set them in motion in response to personal need.

Here the previous entanglement of the four signs manifests at the higher level, too, where the recovery of our connection to Keter becomes a vehicle for navigating and transforming the ups and down of fate, of making them the vehicle of our destiny and not just the circumstances to which we are subjected. Still, at no time are we ever free from the bite of fate, the pinch of mortality.

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