Birds in the Heavens and Birds in the Abyss

This isn’t going anywhere profound, but I wanted to make a note at a few associations that have been bumping around inside my noggin.

The associations begin with Gordon’s post about the flight school for birds. One of the commenters there asks about flightless birds. While Gordon waves the comparison away (perhaps as pushing the bird metaphor a bit too far), it reminded me I had this post from back a ways about comparing different spiritual practices to flight, specifically contrasting penguins and albatross.

I bring it up because it suggests a potential qualification of the flight school metaphor. It isn’t just the air into which a flight-educated bird might depart. Less metaphorically: we may begin with the same techniques only to depart into spiritual encounters that require us to differentiate those practices into mutually exclusive forms. Penguins don’t fly, but we can’t entirely appreciate their interaction with the water without grasping their biological ties to flying birds.

That, in turn, comes together with my discussion in the last post about the division of worlds within a geomantic sign. When we talk about there being two realms, celestial and terrestrial, in which spirits move, we can grasp that spirits might circulate pass from one realm into another, sometimes naturalizing to the new realm in a manner akin to the way penguins naturalized to aquatic life.

So, instead of angels and devils, perhaps albatross and penguins. Which provides some way for looking at how Inanna proves incapable of ruling in Ereshkigal’s realm. The albatross can’t match a penguin in diving deep. Maybe, too, we can make the latter-day habit of conflating annunaki with reptilians serve a useful conceptual purpose, underlining that these two ‘birds’ share a common ancestry that may look little like either.

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