Ordering the Shelves: Geomancy

I really enjoy geomancy. During a few quiet years, I spent a lot of time in the library and online digging up whatever I could about the development and dispersion of the techniques. I have talked a little about this already, but what was most liberating to me was to appreciate how differently the practice could be applied and still, strangely, be the same.

For a structuralist-minded person coming up through writers like Deleuze, it was pretty much the perfect thing to study. Despite divergent interpretive frameworks, divergent tools, here here was this body of lore that nonetheless communicated with itself. What’s more, I could best participate in that practice by developing a relationship with it on my own terms, within the fabric of my understanding and life.

I suspect whatever Philip K. Dick called VALIS-ZEBRA was bound up with whatever seems to operate through geomancy in general, and that all of its variations are part of its wondrous play of camouflage and redemption.

So, in the post, I just want to curate (house cleaning again) a little of what I have already posted about geomancy in order to provide a jumping off point for future discussions of my practice. Here we go.

A good place to start would be my brief historical overview of geomancy.

Several of my posts elaborate upon image-driven and narrative explorations of the geomantic signs. These include a piece detailing the intersection of mimesis, language, and hunting as expressed in the relationship of Puer, Puella, Cauda Draconis, and Caput Draconis; a brief consideration of elemental lines through sewing; thinking about the violence associated with the Martian signs and giving it a feminine twist.

I have several exploring the binary logic proper to geomancy, differentiating it from the more well-known zero and one binary. That begins with the post on why zero isn’t too useful for understanding geomancy and continues in posts like this one on Via and Populus and this one on Populus specifically. I have also spent a little time discussing the way in which the binary opens the triplicate structure of geomancy, as well as discussed a concrete case of that triplicity. There is also a discussion of the way clarity develops in geomancy through this structure.

The Moon plays an important part in my understanding of geomancy. One of the more substantive discussions of this shows up in a post that parallels my geomantic understanding of these lunar influences alongside the Yeatsian lunar imagery (The Gates of the Moon).

Scattered here and there are some posts talking about the relationship between geomancy and my spiritualist-gnostic practice. There are posts about the use of signs in ritual (this one is rough but serviceable and there is a brief mention of geomancy in my practice here, too) and the relationship of some signs to certain sorts of spirits, like the Mercurial dead. There are posts like this one, too, that emphasize the limits of geomancy without a clear context.

Hmm, maybe I should create a geomancy category and use that going forward.

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