i have talked about this indirectly by way of things like the Yeatisan Vision materials, but it seems like the sort of thing that is worth saying straightforwardly. It feels like we are between eras, in some transitional period where the spiritual powers that regulate this world are changing, that there is a changing of the guard in the celestial court.

I dare say that some of the turbulence in the world, up to and including climate change, has to do with the way in which that change is taking place. I wouldn’t say that spiritual forces cause these problems because these problems have such clear material foundations in human action. But the forces capable of manipulating human action are doing so in ways that have influenced the way anthropogenic climate change has developed. Don’t take that too spookily, but it feels like there is an indirect relationship going on.

The changing of the guard in the celestial court may not be all that much neater than the changing of the guard in a mundane court. There are those clinging to hold on, ‘proper’ claimants pushing toward their positions, and spoilers trying to cut in line.

I don’t know exactly how that works. I only have vague guesses as to how spiritual forces operating in a different temporal frame can be described in temporal terms, but it seems like the can be. Perhaps it has something to do with their relationship to this material plane, to this world as it unfolds in time according to some subtle influence from spiritual powers from else-no-where.

Existing outside this temporal frame (the temporal being where the powers of death and destruction are able to operate), it isn’t like these powers destroy each other. I get the feeling, though, that much like many souls desire to live, so to do the powers that define the authority of an era desire to occupy the celestial court.

But the powers of death and destruction do rule this world, and it seems like regardless of how much the mighty cling, their fingers will inevitably be lopped off so that their grip upon the world loosens.

The what is next part is kind of a big deal, but I wonder how much of that is really in anyone’s hands right now. There are forces on the move and when the changing of the guard happens, the ways in which they broadcast (or don’t broadcast) their influence will shape the way we respond, are able to respond.

We definitely possess a great deal of freedom, but if you dig deep, you are going to have be humble about how little we are able to realize that freedom within the human situation. It is not only that we can’t understand enough or lack the capacity to make total changes; our being depends upon spiritual inspiration, too, such that what we think about is partly shaped by the powers that be.

We don’t need spiritual experience to recognize that. We have plenty of evidence for that by examining the influence of stories and propaganda on our mind, examining how it shapes how and what we think. Still, the situation seems more stark when we encounter it on the spiritual plane. The capacity for spiritual beings of a certain sort to play our thoughts and feelings is well-known.

I guess this is my requisite apocalypse post? If it is, I hope you take away from it the idea that a radical change at the level of the celestial court will likely not result in a radical transformation of the material world, because what the new powers get is this temporal world, with all its obstinate stability.

The powers taking hold of the celestial court also aren’t new. They exist outside of the temporal frame that would make their novelty possible. What changes isn’t their existence, but their relationship to this world. They have always had some relationship to it, have always had some impact upon it, only now that impact becomes more pronounced. It is less a matter of something entirely new, than of a minor theme becoming a major one.

Here, perhaps, we are looking at another way in which things like astrological speculation can be carried out in two directions, both as a practice that looks to the stars and as a practice that is meant to symbolize to us the mobile relationship between aeonic, tran-temporal objects.

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