New Year, shifting focus?

I ended the last year with more than a few notebook posts and I have few backed up in my drafts folder. Some of them will probably see the light of day, but I want to start cutting that circuitous historical and philosophical work with something more direct, more inline with the ritual core that defines my spiritual life (which has its share of circuitous, so more direct is a relative term).

What do I mean by direct? That’s a good question, one I am still parsing out. I know it includes a few things, though, They are:

(1) Figuring out how to talk about ritual life in an embodied fashion more often. I’ve complained about how little I like my previous efforts, so this might be a little awkward.
(2) Start talking about ethos, not so much in the ethical sense (though not divorced from it), but about the ‘ways of life’ that this sort of work supports and which support this work. That will probably less awkward, but it might be a touch basic, like really, really basic. Hopefully, though, from the basic to the grounded and complex.
(3) I want to talk about the future. Things aren’t exactly bright, but that doesn’t mean that there is no place for light.
(4) Stories and art. I hinted at that when I talked about the relationship between ritual myth and literary myth, but there are some more direct roads to that issue and I want to run along those a little.

They do blend into each other a bit.

Again, I’m not planning to stop the sort of thing that I have been doing, but I want to start looking at the terrain surrounding that work and start stretching out a little.

We’ll see where this goes (more posting, less posting, longer posts, shorter posts? No one knows!), but a little routine breaking is a good thing, especially in unsettled times. Maybe I’ll break out some new categories for the new year.

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