[NB] Geomantic Genesis

Geomancy can be reasonably described as the movement exemplified by the relationship of Populus and Via, the differentiation of the singular from a diffuse and inchoate horizon exemplified in the addition of one and two. This makes Populus and Via the defining elements, the keystones. There are alternatives to that, though, and I want to note one such alternative here. This alternative appeals to me in part because it better suits the sensibility that animates much of the spiritual work that my geomantic work has guided.

We don’t have to start with whole signs at all. If we think about the one and two that animates the system, it isn’t the one and two of Populus and Via, but the one and two that compose their elements: (1) the single unit (-) representing an active and (2) distinguished/distinguishing element and a double unit (=) representing an inchoate/absorbing element. The procedure begins with them and as I contemplate them, they define the two poles of the geomantic sign.

The single unit finds its native place at the head of the sign, at the fire line, while the double unit finds its native place at the foot of the sign, at the earth line. The active force of the single unit embodies the virtues of fire in the system and the inchoate element embodies the virtues of the earth. This leaves the middle two units as an indeterminate distance between the two poles (-xx=).

Since the fire occupies the higher pole, it can relate to the lower only by losing some of its vital force, so we can describe the line of air as a sort of exhalation of fire toward the earth. As such, it can be described geomantically as a double unit in relationship to the single unit of fire (-=x=).

Similarly, as the earth can only rise toward fire, we can describe water as the yearning of the earth for the higher, an agitation and partial dissolution toward that end. The line of water manifests as a kind of active force of the earth (-=-=).

The two movements are simultaneous. The earth releases water as the fire emits/agitates air. This approach makes Amissio the primary sign of the geomantic system, the purest expression of the relationship between the inchoate and differentiating elements.

It is with Amission that the possibility of Acquisitio appears, too. The exhaling fire diminishes itself, passing closer to a state of inchoateness as it bestows activity into the air. Contrariwise, in emitting actively, earth discovers its active capacity. The earth becomes the emitting force of the water and the air the active expression of the fire (=-=-).

Breathing in and out, dissolving and congealing, heating and cooling, the rest can emerge from this alchemical-thermodynamical operation. The moon itself born from the bellows of the earth, the extruded bone in the heavens (-=-=  +  =-=-  yielding —-).

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