[NB] Planetary Variations

While I am chewing on some other things, I figure I might as well keep revisiting and developing a few thoughts I have shared recently. Take it in the speculative spirit it is given. Grains of salt can be had at the door for those who left their salt behind.

I appended to my little list of metallic associations with the planets that you might be able to read the variations as evidence of a diversification from a common root, that there was an old and deeply entrenched pattern of associating gold with the sun and the silver with the moon which provided people with the impetus to discover other links between metals and planets. That kind of variation suggests an elaboration in magical thought akin to the variation that seems to govern the development of the use of colors in magic.

I’ve thought since then about just how widespread the sun:moon::gold:silver association is. It shows up in the Americas, too, before European contact. The astrological register of the New World takes a less planetary turn. It pays attention to Venus and to the stars generally, but works out most of its astrological connections to elaborate interlocking solar and lunar patterns.

It is a bit obvious why the Sun and Moon are so universally noticed, a little more fascinating that they are so often associated with the same minerals. But I wonder if there might be a sensible case in there for approaching the Sun and Moon in much the same way as you might approach the black-white distinction in the experience of color, as something fundamental from which you can develop a deeply personal relationship with the spiritual forces that pass through your life.

The funny thing about that is it seems like the elaboration of color and planets operate alongside each other. The play of white and black at the heart of the color system opens under the Moon’s influence, white against black being the play of the night sky, especially of the Moon itself as it passes through its cycles. Which links the play of colors to the play of geomantic signs, independent of their further associations with the planetary bodies.

Which gets us back to all those mysteries packed into Yesod…which takes me back to what I’m still working through so I guess this is a good place to stop.

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