Discharging the Dream

This will be a short post, but I want to follow the last post with a brief observation about how i have experienced dreams. I have carried potent dreams around with me for years and years, an image or phrase from them clinging and needling at me, until I find a path to express the dream through ritual work, to manifest it and pass through it.

Once I find the working that passes through and realizes the dream? Well, the dream ceases to be active for me. It serves more as a memento.

It’s difficult to describe that process in a simple fashion because the work through which I am finally able to pass through a dream is often lengthy and rich. When I was little, I remember three kings visiting me in a dream, comforting me that I would not die yet because I had yet to meet them. Only in the last year have I reached the point where I could work through that dream, spending months with a single ritual to sort through who those kings were.

The ritual space itself was simple enough, three candles around a central working, but accompanying that were dreams (some just dense packets of information, imageless but flowering over the course of the next few days) and the effort to think through the dreams with (often bad;-) poetry, divination, contemplation, prayer, and a keen attention to whatever presented itself during that time. When I talk about a ‘spirit,’ I am often talking about the dense presences that underline that operation, discernible and obscure all at once. Probably one reason why I am not big on fancy names–if they purport to do more than delineate thresholds of spiritual experience and work, I begin to distrust them.

There were thresholds in that work more than discrete steps, until finally it was time to pull together the ritual into a concrete and stable talisman.

Some of this pattern of ritual work has to do with my temperament (Introverted Intuition, speaking of Jung), with the ways in which I am wired to experience the spiritual reality and given my peculiarity that it might have limited application for someone of a quite different temperament. But the spiritual realities that underpin that experience exceed it, just as the mundane reality exceeds my temperamental apprehension and interaction with it. There is probably a longer discussion to be had about Introverted Intuition contra Introverted Sensation on this point…not right now, though.

Which gets back to the challenge of community again, doesn’t it?

Sigh. Take care, people, I may start talking properly odd soon.

2 thoughts on “Discharging the Dream

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