Clarity and Confusion

I know I have talked about the sort of binary geomancy presumes, but I am not sure if I have said clearly enough what the practical results of that binary are for divination. Similarly, while I have talked about the triplicate structure that drives geomancy, I am not sure that I have explained how it manifests within the core binary of geomancy. So, this is that post. I’ll try to be brief.

The geomantic binary manifests in practical divination as a concern with opportunity. Geomantic divination entails asking if there is a way to achieve something and, if so, the character that way can take. It tends to degrade, though, into a concern with yes-no questions. The degradation parallels in the practical sphere the degradation of the geomantic binary into 0/1 binary.

To explore this, let’s turn to the geomantic signs that most embody the geomantic binary, Via and Populus. Populus is a difficult sign because it is amorphous, difficult to direct. Via, by contrast, can sometimes be too easy, a passage that leaves no trace or an achievement without stability. It is in their interaction, through Via passing through Populus, that a stable Via is born. You have wood, you have sparks, but unless the spark passes into the wood, you have no fire.

Now, this sort of binary provides some basis for yes-no questions, but the yes-no is derivative. When we are able to derive a clear ‘no’ from a geomantic operation, what we have determined is that the situation is ill-suited to sustaining the ends being sought. Poetically, the wood may be too wet to take the spark or too easily burnt up to sustain the flame.

This makes the ‘yes’ of a geomantic operation more complex. It isn’t simply a ‘yes, do this,’ but a ‘yes, this operation can be achieved,’ often with some descriptions of the process and results of that achievement. It remains in the court of the diviner and querent to determine whether that operation ought to be achieved or undertaken. It remains the responsibility of individuals to determine the appropriateness of the action for them and their capacity to undertake it. Geomancy can provide further insight into those questions, but the answers remain the querent’s.

A querent might ask after a course of professional advancement, discover it to be valuable to pursue but arduous, a strain on their finances and relationships. The decision to pursue or not pursue that course remains with the querent, remains with them to evaluate the possibility and value of that against the possibility and value of other things in their life. We bear up under luxury and hardship differently and some self-knowledge benefits us greatly.

The geomantic life chart can be exceptionally useful in these situations. Referring to the play of spiritual forces that characterize your destiny provides you with a sense of how this or that operation will impact its realization in your fate. Thinking in those terms draws out an important feature of geomantic work–the triplicity upon which it is based emerges out of a triplicity inherent in our existence. Between the interplay of destiny and fate, the life lived.

Geomancy provides insight into the modulation of that life, but doesn’t replace living it as well as possible, according to the values and virtues embedded within your destiny and expressed in your fate. The more fully you appreciate the specific qualities of your spiritual disposition, the more fully the geomantic method can aid you in developing them.

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