Stars Unfallen

I have talked about this before, but it is worth saying in the open, away from the shelter of close reading. There is more than one (or three) way(s) to experience the intersection (and disjuntion) of heavenly and earthly forces, of spiritual and everyday life, but if I had to provide a seed phrase for my approach and my sense of things it would be:

The pact with the earth is made in the sky.

With the realization that:

The earth is a portion of the sky.

And the whole of it is in motion.

Which is to return to the notion of the person as a locus of heavenly forces found in traditional astrology while shifting the emphasis from the heavenly to the earthly. The question is less a matter of our heavenly destiny than of our earthly receptivity and manipulation of the heavenly gifts.

The earth is its own thing, a willful thing of which we are a part. The earth lays hold of the force of heaven and modulates it. It runs its the subtle harmonies through gross cords to give the song a resonant depth. One of the limits of astrological determinations rests on its tendency to elide the role of the earth, conflating somewhat the specific sympathies within the earth for the nature of the celestial potencies.

Lately, I have had a keener sense of the stars as spiritual presences, but I have found astrological associations for my experiences to be, well, a little wispy and abstract. Part of that probably rests in my mediocrity as an astrologer, but the larger part seems to be simply that the astrological potencies are more raw and specific in their influences than astrological correspondences are quite up to handling.

Being with the stars in a contemplative ritual fashion has been more vital than trying to manipulate them toward some magical end. This has left me with a sense that a lot of the correspondences archived in the various grimoire-esque works rest upon more amorphous intimacies rooted in concrete historical moments. The determinations that proceed from that intimacy only depend in part upon the stars.

Which is to say: If you have heard the mermaids singing each to each, do not despair when you are not included in their song. Hum, and learn to linger without drowning.

3 thoughts on “Stars Unfallen

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