Aeon and Modality

So, there is the last post about Spinoza, substance, and modalities beyond our ken. That provides a segue toward talking about the idea of an aeon. While the aeon is rightly identified with a form of time, it is too often identified with a span of years (which I will call an ‘age’ for the sake of clarity in this post), be they centuries or millenia. The aeon proper belongs to another order of time to which the time of years can be more or less sympathetic.

We can say that a certain block of aeonic time has a great deal of influence over a span of years, but we shouldn’t think of that relationship as exclusive. Though one block of aeonic time may pervade our own, there are always other blocks of aeonic time operating alongside it. We can talk about an age of Horus during which an aeonic block identified with or as ‘Horus’ operates, but keep in mind that smaller groups (even single individuals) will operate in sympathy with other blocks of aeonic time.

I suspect more than a few assertions about the changing of an aeon conflate the actual shift in an age’s sympathy with aeons that have opened to them personally through their spiritual work. The Age of Ma’at may not be upon us even if the Aeon of Ma’at has opened to them.

So what is an aeon? Well, I suspect we can make some headway by defining an aeon as a constellation of modalities, a certain indeterminacy along which our available modalities and those of another enter into harmony such the changes wrought in substance by one have a more dramatic impact on the other modalities constellated with it.

In short, an aeon is what I have elsewhere more glibly termed a ‘forever town.’

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