Thrones of the Market


While those who dwell upon the thrones may change, the thrones remain, as do their regalia. To each throne there is given a domain and a rule, an orb and a rod.

To the throne of the fallen star is given the orb of ego and the rod of distinction. Whether by uplifting the mountain, breaking the stone, or dividing child from parent, the work of the fallen star can be discerned.

To the throne of the mingling waters is given the orb of fusion and the rod of mimesis. Where the water and land shape themselves to each other and become a river, where the tree’s roots break and devour the earth, where two join in intimacy, the throne’s lenience has been granted.

To the throne of blood is given the the orb of ancestry and the rod of sacrifice. The wolves that together hunt, the parents wasting away to feed their child, the dead king that secures the crown, plead their case within blood’s court.

To the fallen star is given one, to the mingling waters two, while to blood is given the shuttling motion through which one passes in and out of two.

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