Triplicate Order

[This is an odd story, but a story it is.]

So, geomancy proceeds according to a binary structure that puts me more in mind of cells and evolution and than computers and formulas (though, yes, there is a fuzzy line where the two do meet). The amorphous one gives birth to a more distinct one, with which it joins to produce a dizzying and incestuous variety. (One, not like mathematical 1), two, four, sixteen–geomancy has its inner numerical order. Geomancy proceeds from binaries into quaternaries. Within and/or alongside it, a triplicate order proceeds in counterpoint, opposition, and supplementation.

The quaternary is heaven-born, descending through the full moon, the triplicate order rises from beneath, under the new moon’s unseeing gaze.

Where the quaternary has a holographic structure, the triplicate order introduces jagged edges, numbers that do not reduce to each other. There are sixes and nines, yes, but the with the exception of the two that unfolds itself in the quaternary mysteries, the prime numbers all come into being with the triplicate order. The triplicate order lays the groundwork for all manner of sorcerous becomings, individualities otherwise impossible in the quaternary unfolding of the heavens.

As the cool waters spill down from heaven, they are broken and scattered against the jagged mountain rocks they fall upon. Take two coins and cast them upon the earth, you will receive one of three patterns. Cast three coins and you receive one of four. Two into three, three into four, six and seven.

The hybrid force of seven, there three intertwines with four, one of the triplicate order’s most potent patterns, birthing signs that conjoin the two orders, where the world as we know it manifests.

Alongside the mathematical grace of the geomantic work, symbols arise and join themselves to the mathematical signs. Neither identical with nor reducible to the signs, the symbols amplify the signs. As time passes, as the signs spread over the surface of the earth, the mathematics at the heart of it remains, but the symbols vary, until when two sit down side by side, they no longer understand each other.

Or they do understand, but only sideways and and crookedly.

It is on the sharp points of the triangle that the thrones of the lords of the market rest, where each hear the cases of their disciples and put order into the chaos where four and three meet–the throne of the fallen star, the throne of mingling waters, and the throne of blood. To each throne there is a style or mode of conjunction. And to each age there is a throne that sits above all others and by whom all difficult cases are settled.

And there is a secret heart, the axis upon which the triangle turns and thrones lowered and raised, to which all are subject, the hidden hand of God in all things.

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