A Brief Addendum

Two things have occupied my mind since the last post and I want to throw them up in a short post to put them on the radar here.

First, solar and lunar modalities are good exemplars for a discussion of spiritual communication, but I wish that I had more clear that they were just that, exemplary. In general, I think we focus overmuch on those modalities to the detriment of other forms of communication, the more subtle and less conceptual ones that we might, following the astrological model, call mercurial, venusian, saturniand, and so one.

Second, reading the Randolph quote again reminds me that we need to make some distinction between the way in which a spirit manifests and the nature of the spirit itself. While it is probably useful to think of some spirits as hotter than others, we also want to keep in mind that some forms of engagement with spirit are hotter than others. This throws up some suggestive ideas about the way ritual practices may play a prominent role in the forms that spirits use to manifest.

One thought on “A Brief Addendum

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