(Story time again. Previous installments can be found here.)

We know that the ocean is a source and a destination, but not always why. The ocean is the most visible part of the body of the lord of the world, the echo of the heavens, the echo of near infinite space, and it is in the modulation of its waters that life first took shape.

The life of the world takes the form of a great serpent swimming through the waters. The life of the world thrums with the pulse of the serpent’s life through the waters. Its song is the shaper’s song.

While the serpent’s life is eternal, it must shed its body as a common snake sheds its skin. Grown large, it coils itself along the ocean floor, rising higher and higher until it rises above the water and rests its head in the heavens, breathing its last breath among the stars.

As the breath ceases, the stars dance and sing along its nose, then down along its spine, winding their way toward earth. Their singing and dancing drives the eternal spark from the dying form. As their feet and voices reach the earth, the spark surges into the ocean and begins life anew, a glimmering of what it will come to be.

The corpse becomes mountain and the old mountain crumbles. The stars take shelter in the earth. The moutain of the last death crumbles and the stars of the last new life descend into the darkness with it, bearing the wickedness of the old away.

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