Breathing Out

I have spent some time thinking about what I need to be doing with this blog going forward. Some of it will follow the pattern already established: talking in fairly broad gnostic terms about this or that topic. I am also going to start writing about my specific practice and work, most especially about the spirits underpinning it.

I don’t expect that will be easy. The spirits that I work with don’t seem to have much historical precedence and to the extent that they do, they give me the sense that it has been through syncretic relationships with other spirits. They do have a penumbra of stories, but they aren’t ones that have been passed down and polished through generations of retelling. I don’t think of myself as a good storyteller or theologian, but that seems to be where the next phase requires me to go.

I don’t have a clear idea of what this will look like, except a bit clumsy and hopefully earnest.

Okay, that’s the news for now. I’ll be picking back up regular posting shortly.

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