Can spiritualism be bad for you?

Short answer: yes.

(But so can just about anything.)

Now for the longer answer: Spiritualist work ain’t a corny horror movie. You don’t break out the Ouija board and suddenly find your life taking a turn toward the plot of Final Destination or Serpent and the Rainbow (the movie; the book is fine). There are hazards, but they are almost always overstated by the opponents of spiritualist work. First rule? Don’t be a sucker. Second rule? Don’t be a sucker. Got that? That applies to mediums and spirits. Okay, let’s proceed to the juicier spiritual health issues.

Remember all these discussions of the daemon here? I’ll try not to repeat myself too badly for repeat readers, but the basic gist is that the daemon as the Yeatses understood it was a spirit that shapes our fate and our desire, that is bound to us for our life. As such it has a great deal to with out luck.

When you do spirit work, you are essentially engaging with other daemonic entities–those of other people and those of other worldly beings. While your daemon can direct you to this or that spirit, the world is a busy place; sometimes you just bump into spirits along the way. When you are in good spiritual shape, in touch with your daemon and engaged with your work, this isn’t usually too big a deal. The daemon tends to serve as an interface for you between yourself and these other spirits.

When you aren’t in such good shape, when you are out of sorts with your daemon, you don’t have that buffer. In these situations, other spirits can insinuate themselves into a position akin to your daemon, parasitically acquiring a richer life for themselves by pulling you into their body of fate. Spirits who are prone to latching onto people in this way are often spirits with problems and when they latch on, their problems manifest as a poor luck, poor health, and poor desires.

If you want to do spirit work, you really need to get right with your daemon, to strengthen the connection between yourself and it. This is one reason why (good) spiritualists encourage people to cultivate ethical behavior and why a lot of channeled spirit messages can be reduced to “be decent people.” Spirit work will often lead toward a somewhat eccentric conception of what that means, but being good and decent is pretty basic.

When people get off-kilter, they rarely need more spirit work, but rather less. They need to focus on managing their life, doing good and decent things. To the extent that they need to do spiritual work, it is often prayer, speaking and listening so that they may begin to connect with themselves and their daemon, and getting work done on their behalf to strengthen that connection. That one-two combination is key to dealing with spiritual parasites, by the way. It is not enough to remove the parasite because it is just too easy to fall prey to another. If the spiritual vacuum is not filled, spiritual work around it will always be temporary and unstable.

A strong connection to your daemon does not give you permission to break rules. Break those rules and you are likely to find yourself out of sorts with your daemon and suddenly vulnerable to the parasites. A subset of spiritual taboos demarcate rules that are especially important to the spirit worker’s personal destiny and which they uphold in order to maintain a strong connection between themselves and their guardian spirit. Deep spirit work tends to make you less free rather than more free.

The temptation to think that you have been so good that you can be forgiven a little lapse or to believe that your connection with yur daemon is just too strong for bad behavior to break? Those are delusions that need to be fought down. Inversely, sometimes the rules that our daemon holds us to do not always match the rules other people demand us to uphold. There are times when trying to uphold what we think is right in fact leads us into opposition with our daemon, with the ‘right’ that we have been sent into the world to uphold.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to deal with thie potential confusion of what is right and wrong other than to grope your way through it. Mistakes will be made (over and over), but it is only through them that you can get sense of the personal work. That seems obvious enough, right? As it is with mundane life, so it is with spiritual life.

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