The Point of It

I could I daresay make the book richer, perhaps immeasurably so…but I am longing to put it out of reach that I may write the poetry it seems to have made possible. I can now…find the simplicity I have sought in vain. I need no longer…spend barren years, as I have done some three of four times, striving with abstractions that substituted themselves for the play I planned (W. B. Yeats, Pt. III of the Dedication to A Vision)

This is one of the hallmarks of spiritualist work. In the end, it is life affirming and brings the worker back to their life. There is less emphasis on the transformation of the life or psyche, than with the bolstering and intensification of it. The questions of power or wealth or sex or status pale in the face of discovering something of your place in life and embracing the potentialities of it fully. It is probably why spiritualism tends to thrive alongside monotheism of one stripe or another, even if the various dogmatic expressions of monotheism are rarely kind toward it: the spiritualist discovers themselves in part through an act of acceptance, of having a place in an order that is larger and strangely intentional, and God is a darn good symbol for that order.

It isn’t the only thing going on in spiritualism, but it is really important and I like seeing it raised at the very beginning of this work. Done right, spiritualism brings us more fully to ourselves.

…I know that the new intensity that seems to have come into all visible and tangible things is not a reaction from that wisdom but its very self…. I murmured, as I have countless times, “I have been part of it always and there is maybe no escape, forgetting and returning life after life like an insect in the roots of the grass.” But murmured it without terror, in exultation almost. (Pt. IV of the Dedication to A Vision)

To work upon your soul because in the work you prepare yourself to play the next part in the cycle, to pass your soul onward like a seed which may yield fruit that you have yet to imagine.

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