As it overflows

These last twenty-two days have been useful. Everyday I set myself the task of writing something, anything, with the only requisite that it fall under what I understand to be gnosticism and that it not be too long. I let myself be clumsy and a little awkward as I did that because I just wanted to see what would come. Talking, even to a somewhat imaginary audience, helped me clarify what I cared about. I enjoyed toying with voice as well as content. I may be at the point where I want to slow down and take stock of this blog as it stands. I might decide to keep posting daily, but put it into a lower gear, doing some link curation or talk about even smaller matters. I’m still playing around with it. Heck, I might try to make this the crown jewel of a humble little online presence. T’ain’t much, but I like the small, the disparate.

The small and the disparate, the fragmentary, seems like the natural shape of this world. This world is immense, it overflows. Every great soul or movement that tries to bring order always breaks off into the inchoate, the weird, like a sea of broken glass. Within these jagged flows the movement to order begins and is broken, is caught up and swallowed by larger cycles, and crashes on the shore of some unyielding silent rock. The little things, I tell you. Peculiar dreams, everyone, and good night.

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